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Water Project

Without water, there is no life.

Since 2010 Fundação Minhembeti has provided clean drinking water for the population of Salamanga. The Fundacao Minhembeti took their needs into account and provided an access to water by building a water portal. Mr. Harshad Mohoandas Gandhi was the main supporter of this project, he financed the initial stage by providing the electrical water pump.

Every month a supply of energy is used to pull the water from the river which is a kilometer away. The monthly cost of this service is 3000,00 MZN (50, USD $60).

Supplying clean water for the population is the biggest ongoing project for the Fundacao Minhembeti. The installation of the electrical water pump has saved the population from a daily trip to the river to collect water. The accessibly to water has given the chance for the population to cultivate vegetables and be sold for their income.

Giving your support to this project will ensure that the population will always have access to water. Without water, there is no life. 

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers donate not only their time and their generosity, but they respond to a fundamental human impulse: the will to collaborate, to help, to share joy, to alleviate suffering and to improve the quality of life in common.