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Toy is Life

This project was initiated to provide jobs for the local women of the Bela Vista district. Capulnas donated from Casa Pandia are used to craft African stuffed animals. Every year +/-  300 stuffed animals are produced at the cost of MZN 1,200 (€17, USD $20). These toys were sold in the local market places including school fairs and local charity events. Each toy is sold for MZN 500 (€6, USD $8) and all the proceeds go to the women of Bela Vista district.

The children of the Bela Vista district don’t always have access to toys, as their parents are hardworking agricultures and are not able to afford toys. This initiative was to allow the mothers of Bela Vista to create extra pocket money in order to offer the toys that every child deserves.    

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers donate not only their time and their generosity, but they respond to a fundamental human impulse: the will to collaborate, to help, to share joy, to alleviate suffering and to improve the quality of life in common.