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Field of Activities

Women Empowerment in Mozambique

Social Development Matters

Clean Water for a Healthier Environment

Ongoing Projects

Get to know more about the projects that Fundação Minhembeti has been developing during the last few years.

Water Project

Suppling clean water for the population is our biggest ongoing project, giving the chance for the population to cultivate vegetables and be sold for their income.

Chia Project

Chia is a small village located 20 km from Salamanga. In Chia, Fundação Minhembeti has a land of 200 acres where castor oil seeds are being planted.

Toy is Life

This project was initiated to provide jobs for the local women of the Bela Vista district. Capulanas donated from Casa Pandia are used to craft African stuffed animals.

Make me Smile

Thinking of those in need has allowed the Fundação Minhembeti to help the people three times a year by offering the population ration and school supplies.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers donate not only their time and their generosity, but they respond to a fundamental human impulse: the will to collaborate, to help, to share joy, to alleviate suffering and to improve the quality of life in common.