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Make me Smile

One of the main objectives we have is to help the population of Bela Vista and its outskirts as much as we can. Thinking of those in need has allowed the Fundação Minhembeti to help the people three times a year by offering the population ration and school supplies.

The first of June is one of the most important day for children around the world. Every year, Fundação Minhembeti treats the children of the rural area by gifting them with school supplies (notebooks and pencils) and snacks (juice boxes and biscuits). These gifts are supported by yearly donations of approximately the cost of +/- 20,000 MZN (€280, USD $320).

At the beginning of every school year most children from Salamanga and Chia cannot afford school uniform and backpacks, in order to help encourage children to attend school and continue their education the Fundacao Minhembeti offers these necessities to the children. The annual cost of these supplies is +/- 30,000 MZN (€400, USD $480).

Christmas is the highlight of the year for everyone. Fundação Minhembeti gathers the population of Salamanga and gifts everyone rations (rice, oil, milk, jam, sugar, flour and soap), clothing for children and adults (uniform for work, jean trousers and traditional cloth called Capulana). These items are mainly donated by local supermarkets and clothing stores. The estimated cost of these donations is +/- MZN 70,000 (€1,000, USD $1,200).

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers donate not only their time and their generosity, but they respond to a fundamental human impulse: the will to collaborate, to help, to share joy, to alleviate suffering and to improve the quality of life in common.